Rihanna’s Makeup Secrets Revealed

Rihanna has always surprised us with her make-up. She always uses for her eyes eyeliner pencils especially for lower eyelid contour. Make-up is complemented by cream and brown tones, because the emphasis is on the eyes, open shades of radiant lipstick. Pretty often, Rihanna is emphasizing the lips by choosing strong lipstick colors: red, pink, purple, burgundy, etc. Creamy red lipstick is daring and sexy, shape and eyes are black ink only, no other make-up in order to be no more colorful than the lips. The cat eye make-up elongates her beautiful eyes and skin is dull without bright accent to rival lipstick. Olive skin of the singer is highlighted by a bronze look with bright powders. Rihanna is not afraid to tackle the dramatic tinge of beauty. Sometimes she chooses a dark red hue in order to enhance the look, colors rarely seen in eye makeup. Light eye shadow applied immediately is to increase red outline. Stem from the outer corner of eye makeup and lashes are united and more spectacular. Although the rule is not to accentuate eyes and lips, Rihanna has been sometimes accompanied by such displays of beauty, but mostly at events which allow a spectacular look such as fashion shows or concerts. In those cases she chose electric blue eye makeup and pink lipstick on her lips. Matte color on the eyelids highlights her green eyes. So, besides she is unpredictable with her songs and continues to amaze us, Rihanna is also unpredictable with her looks. The singer is a model of femininity and fashion evolution in terms of makeup that can be an exhaustless inspiration for make-up artists.Finally she’s like a living doll that represents all of us women a model to be chic and to radiate happiness through beauty. Even a guy would love to look as mysterious like her!

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