Curry Favour With the Leaf for Your Tresses

Hair LossLosing hair is extremely frustrating, as we all well know. When you comb or brush your hair and see the excessive hair fall, it is quite stressful. The curry leaf springs to your aid from a simplistic perspective provided you do not have an underlying medical problem. I am not certain if it arrests hair fall completely, but it definitely helps you regain your confidence with the growth of new roots.Use these leaves in your cooking and make sure that you ingest them. Most of us do not realize the power that the herb brings to the table, in fact practically everyone pushes them aside on the plate. The taste is definitely not something to rave about, I give you that, but it will bring on a smile later. The cheat’s way is to grind it in a masala or chop it fine while seasoning. Get the Shine and Color BackTo get back the shine on your tresses try something at home. Collect a cup of curry leaves, washed and free from any damp. In a dish pour a cup of coconut oil and add the leaves to the oil. Fry the leaves in the oil until you get a charred mass. Leave it aside and use it when warm on your hair. Make sure that you massage it on the scalp. If do not like the mess of the leaves on the hair, strain the oil and follow the routine. Refrigerate the oil when not in use and always warm the oil when you want to massage the scalp. This brings back luster to lifeless hair.If you do not like the smell then I would suggest you avoid using this, but if you can tolerate it, keep it on for about an hour. Use a mild shampoo and condition your hair. The smell always disappears. I do not have a dislike for the leaf so I leave it on for an hour and follow the routine. Take a call on this and decide what works for you.Curry leaves darken the hair – definitely worth considering if you want to avoid those dreaded grey strands. If you expect your hair to darken immediately, forget it, because it is no hair color. Over time, it softens does darken the hair it to a soft black or dark brown.Herbal Remedies to the RescueThe curry leaf also has medicinal properties. It helps in diabetes and a series of other illnesses. This does not mean that you do away with doctors orders, but include the herb in your daily diet. The basic here is that you have a solution in the kitchen, try it and see how it benefits you. Honestly, there are a million ways to help you keep your hair looking good. All that it takes is to find a way out of the hair loss mess. Naturally, before expecting results, you need to consult with a doctor to ascertain what could be the underlying cause. If you have a serious problem like so with alopecia, hormonal imbalance, excessive stress, or anything else, follow the instructions of the doctor.The curry leaf is an option to help you get the softness and does add value to your locks. In fact, you feel better using the herb. Try it just for the heck of it if you choose to, but if you cannot be bothered, well that also is fine. The bottom line is to feel comfortable and if you do not feel the love for the herb, do away with it completely.

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