5 Things Girls Always Have That Have More Uses Than You Thought

‘I’ve developed into quite a swan. I’m one of those people that will probably look better and better as I get older – until I drop dead of beauty.’ Rufus WainwrightLipstick, mascara, compacts, moisturizer and the list goes on. No one can say that you have too many things in your bag. You are armed and ready to face whatever the day has in store for you. Determined to finish the day looking as fresh and beautiful as the moment you got out of the house.It may cross your mind sometimes that you might be carrying a little too much despite your belief that nothing is too much. Could it be possible that all of what you’re carrying is a just additional burden to you?Here are some of the things you must know that whatever you are carrying made themselves worthy of their place in your bag.1. Lipstick: Applying Lipstick Is An Art-LiterallyLipstick is present in every lady’s bag. May it be lip balm, lip gloss, you name it and it’s there. It keeps the lips moisturized and prevents cracked lips. Besides, no one wants dry and chapped lips, right?You are in a hurry and you have to jot down something, you had your paper but where was that pen? You have too many lipsticks than you have with pens so using it as a replacement doesn’t seem so bad, right?Furthermore, with the many variations of color available, lipstick can be considered cosmetic’s Crayola. By being able to turn lipstick into coloring materials, many people around the world had tuned into their artistic side and utilized it to produce creative and astonishing art. Lipstick contributed to the world of art by artists, applying it on different mediums ranging from different parts of the body to floor-to-ceiling walls. 2. Lip Balm: A Salve In Lips And LifeLip balm doesn’t really moisturize. It ‘seals’ the lips trapping the lips’ own moisture. But lip balm doesn’t the only function by keeping your lips moisturized. If you have too many lip balms in your bag, you can use some for different applications.Lip balms can be used as an alternative to lotion or skin moisturizer. It can also help you prevent blisters by applying it to where you feel a lot of friction. You can also apply some lip balm on your nose if you have a cold to lessen the redness and irritation. In addition, you can also use it to lubricate zippers.All out of lip balm? You can still use the case or the empty tube. If you want to keep that extra cash safe, you can roll it up and keep it inside an empty lip balm tube.3. Mascara Wand: And With A Wave Of The Mascara WandAlready ran out of mascara and you are ready to dispose of it? Don’t throw it just yet. You can still use the mascara wand for many purposes.With the clean mascara wand, you can use it to exfoliate your lips. Apply oil or lip balm on your lips and softly pass a mascara wand over it to smooth away dead skin. You can also use it as a brush to clean cuticles and exfoliate your nails.Aside from helping you out, mascara wands can also benefit others. A wildlife refuge discovered helpful uses of old, clean mascara wands, using it to help injured animals in their care. Instead of throwing away those mascara wands, consider donating them to help animals. Who knows, your old mascara wand may save a life.5. Flat Irons: To Straighten Up Your Messy LifeCosmetics aren’t the only ones that have plenty of uses. Hair-care gears, on the other hand, are versatile as well. People are getting smarter and more creative with how they utilize something and discovering a new purpose for it. Today, flat irons can do more than just curling and straightening hair.Create creases and pleats. If flat irons can straighten out wrinkles and creases, they can also make them. Put creases and pleats on some of your ensemble for added effect and style.Iron out wrinkles. When you forget to iron out something and find out about it when you are about to put them on, you can use a flat iron to iron out those wrinkles quick. You can iron out wrinkled collars, shirt sleeves and hems and you’re good to go. You can also use it to smooth out crumpled papers and wrinkled curtains.Blow Those Problems Away With Hair DryersHair dryers aren’t all hot air, there’s the cold shot button. Hair dryers help a whole lot other than drying hair. They can be surprisingly useful at home. Here are some useful uses of hair dryers at home. You can use hair dryers to blow air into inflatable mattresses or floaters using a funnel. Melt adhesive from a Band-Aid to get rid of it painlessly. Use it to remove a photo from a very sticky album page without ripping it. During cold seasons, you can blow dry your footwear before putting them on. Putting on new leather boots and blow dry it to break it easily without sacrificing your feet. Spray a bit of water on the clothes and blow dry it for a wrinkle-free effect. Restore the glaze effect of icing and frosting on your frozen cupcakes or cakes, using low heat. Dust off your keyboard or those hard to dust shelves at home, using the cold or cool temperature.The Flexible World Of Your Bag PalsThe versatility of these products happens because of people’s creative way of thinking new ways to use something other from its intended purpose. Never underestimate the value of something when it has some potential uses hidden from plain sight.Not only the things women always use can be used alternatively but everything around us can be used in other ways. It only takes some brains, a dash of creativity and a pinch of laziness to transform something useful for other things.This also sets your mind at ease because everything you own isn’t as mundane as it is to other people and it is worth keeping them all in the bag.

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